Remote Camera Package 

A special camera package is available for rent featuring the Sony DSR-570 DVCAM. Included are four Anton-Bauer Dionic lithium-ion batteries, battery charger, Sachtler V-20 tripod, Sony AC-500 AC adapter and Canon 12x6.5 lens. Video and audio cables are available as well as portable video monitors.

 Remote Audio Package 

The extensive audio package contains a new Sound Devices Model 302 audio mixer with four Lectrosonics 210 series wireless units with TRAM mics. Two of the wireless systems can also be configured for a two channel wireless camera link. The package includes a Sennhauser 416 shotgun mic with boom pole and Sony 7506 headphones. The entire system is powered all day by a Lithium-ion NP-1 type battery and a central power distribution system.

 Remote Lighting Package 

Full Moon offers a complete ARRI portable lighting package contained in one heavy-duty carrying case. The kit contains:


                                                       530100 (2) 150W Fresnel
                                                       531300 (1) 300W Fresnel
                                                       531600 (1) 650W Fresnel
                                                       571100 (1) Arrilite 1000
                                                       571159 (1) Chimera Video Pro Bank, Small
571158 (1) Chimera 7 1/4" Speed Ring
                                                       571700 (1) Accessory Pack
                                                       570035 (1) Super Clamp
                                                       570050 (4) AS-2 Stand
                                                       570112 (1) Ceiling Scissor Clip

You can rent these individual items from Full Moon & High Tide or ask us to provide a complete package with crew and all the equipment you’ll need. 

Also available for rent: 

Ambient Tech ACL202CT Lockit boxes
Panasonic 9" and 20” color monitors
Sony 5” color field monitor
Sony DXF-51 studio viewfinders
C-Stands, arms, flags, filters, clamps, holders, pins and adapters
Arri Fresnels and Softlights

Image 40 DMX and Diva lighting packages



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