Full Moon & High Tide Studio was built on the foundation of a personal commitment to create the highest quality production facility possible.  Our studio is family owned and operated.  This shows through in how we do business.  We believe in placing the client first because good business should be about relationships, not bottom-lines.  Our modest studio is available for booking all manners of projects offering top of the line equipment at inexpensive prices.

     As a result of our combined background in film and television, we know how stressful our industry can be.  Projects are invariably time sensitive, under budget constraints or both.  Our job is to do anything and everything to make sure that your product and presentation looks its best when you are done.

     Whether you want only an editing bay or need the facilities to produce an entire show, Full Moon & High Tide is ready to provide.  We also have a sound stage for video and photo shoots.  We have on hand a hot list of qualified experts to call in should the project require them, from editors to grips to cameramen and more.  Our people, studio and technology is here for our clients whatever their needs and whenever they need us.

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